JYM Employee Care
JYM focuses on the growth and training of each employee and employee welfare, after all, employee sustainability has a pivotal position to the enterprise
JYM Care for Employees
We will select excellent employees every year, and every employee who is serious and responsible for our factory will be recognized and rewarded.
Gaining customer Recognition
Gaining customer Recognition
By continuously upgrading automation equipment, reducing the manpower input of employees, improving the quality and efficiency of product delivery, and reducing the risks caused by manual direct operation.
Employee growth plans
Professional equipment requires professional operators to execute the plan, JYM pays attention to the simultaneous upgrading of personnel and equipment, so for the growth of employees' professional skills, JYM often trains professional operation knowledge and feedback
Employees are the Eternal Life Force of Factory
Employees are the Eternal Life Force of Factory
At the end of each year, we have an annual review to reward employees who have made great efforts for the factory and recognize exemplary work. Daily training will be conducted for employees with job promotion ability. Our factory attaches great importance to the stability and daily welfare of our employees. Depending on their contribution, the development of the factory will be better.
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