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JYM EC automotive mirrors are produced using flat glass as the substrate after a number of processes, including cutting, polishing, washing, drying, coating, bending, spray painting and baking. We use an automatic glass mirror production line to ensure product quality.
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JYM design EC mirror
JYM design EC mirror
EC mirror design is a very deep science, the final design will take into account the user's comfort and convenience, in order to solve this problem, our experienced R&D department is constantly developing designs that combine advanced technology.
JYM production high quality EC mirror
JYM production high quality EC mirror
State-of-the-art machinery is used to meet the high demands for quantity and quality of EC mirrors. We deliver our products on time. When we consider workplace safety, we follow the 5S standard to optimize every operation on our shop floor for increased productivity and continuous cleanliness. As a ISO-certified facility, we focus on quality at every step of manufacturing.
Ultimately Deep Customization
As a professional EC mirror manufacturer, JYM provides a complete supply chain system for your brand projects. Whether you need to modify an existing product or develop a new one, our factory has the capabilities to deliver custom products of the highest quality, including creative and innovative design solutions. JYM help you to bring your ideas to life as finished products.
Consider your brand uniformity
JYM is very concerned about the unity of your brand, so JYM provides you with exclusive logo laser engraving service to engrave your brand logo by laser machine on any place you specify on the tool.
EC Mirror Size
7 X rearview mirror, 10 X rearview mirror, convex mirror
All automotive
Radius of Curvature
300R to 2000R
visible light transmittance
85% (wavelengths of 550 nm)
Fire retardant function, waterfall seat front
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“ Thanks to JYM help to our brand products, it is very reliable to establish a long-term stable cooperation relationship ”
Robert Bosa
Robert Bosa
Purchasing Manager, UK
High quality tool standards are an important thing
The perfect appearance
From we check each office EC mirror to see if they meet your requirements and follow your preferred design.
Stable product
We will conduct millions of landing tests on our products, to ensure the quality of each office EC mirror and extend its use time.
Correct assembly and packing
Before packing, we will check each part to see if there is any missing. Once we have completed the inspection, we will verify that the packaging information is consistent with your order.
Stabillity for transportation
We will test the stability of each package, to ensure that there will be no packaging disconnection and product damage during transportation.
The perfect appearance
Stable product
Correct assembly and packing
Stabillity for transportation
What is EC mirror?
JYM EC mirrors control light by using electrochromic materials that change color in response to electricity. We will provide transparent electrode films with low resistance.
EC mirror Strengths
Transparent electrode films with low resistance and high transmittance rate
Why cooperate with JYM
JYM has 30+ years of experience in office EC mirror manufacturing, from conventional EC mirror to customizing your own project ideas. As a factory, JYM owns high volume standardized automatic production equipment, effectively reducing product costs and production efficiency. We support individual packaging customization, to maintain your brand.
For wholesalers, JYM has hundreds of EC mirror designs to meet your ideas, just contact us. Our project manager will get back to you right away with product prices according to your ideas.
OEM Products
JYM offers OEM services that can build your brand. Our certified factory production facilities and experienced team can provide you with a wide selection of custom products, whitch can make you competitive in your target market.
Drop Shipping
For the sustainability of your brand, JYM support the one-for-one mode.The premise is that JYM gets your authorization and signs the contract.
JYM Supports Your Products Projects
Design and Development
JYM offers impressive custom design options - based on your ideas and input, our R&D team is committed to creating a late buy efficient design that will benefit your end users
OEM Service Design
Get the best quality parts and materials for your tools from JYM for high quality manufacturing, and our OEM services can help you build your brand and grow your business.
EC mirror Manufacturing
JYM has many years of experience in EC mirror manufacturing - we have the perfect system for cost control, efficiency improvement, and quality control delivery in our factories
Quality Control
JYM believes in high quality products for long-term cooperation - we use various quality inspection processes during the production stage to ensure quality
Order Management
Customer service is the top priority of JYM, our project managers will keep our customers informed of the project progress regularly
Warranty and after-sales
JYM offers a 5-year warranty on all tooling solutions, because we believe that providing our customers with after-sales service provides longer and more stable cooperation.
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