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Find out how JYM manages the production process and completes your orders on time with high quality standard. JYM furniture manufacturer focusing on the production of mirror for over 30 years.
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Manufacturing Process
EC rearview mirror inspection
ITO automation equipment
Multi-piece cutter
Flat mirror workshop
Automatic cutting machine
Inspection equipment
Automatic manipulator
Automatic edge grinding machine
Curvature tester
Automatic cutting machine
How JYM Manufacturing products for your brand
An EC mirror/make up mirror manufacture
Founded in 1992, Guangdong JYM Glass Technology Company Limited is a highly experienced manufacturer specializing in the production of glass and mirrors and a supplier providing glass processing services.
Tell your ideas to the manufacturer's project manager
Tell your ideas to the manufacturer's project manager
We can provide the standardized EC mirrors, customized solutions and OEM services to meet customers' demands for performance and efficiency.
Design and Molding
Our expert design team creates ergonomic EC mirror models tailored to client needs. State-of-the-art molding processes ensure precision and attention to detail in every EC mirror we craft.
Full-automatic production line
Full-automatic production line
Reasonable production line layout JYM reasonable production line layout is the most fundamental way to improve production efficiency.
Perfect supply chain management organizational structure and management system - ORG
Strong and long-lasting cooperation with material suppliers, they supply a variety of materials and improve product perfection which improve project response speed.
Material inventory planning and monitoring - ITO
Material inventory planning and monitoring - ITO
Build up a complete material storage warehouse to respond quickly to changes for your brand projects.
Automated production manipulators
With the upgrading of machinery and equipment, product delivery efficiency improvement and decrease loss rate are developing in the best direction in the industry.
Appearance inspection of raw glass materials
Appearance inspection of raw glass materials
Quality Inspection Our dedicated inspection team rigorously assesses each EC mirror at every production stage to ensure stringent quality standards are met. We perform comprehensive testing to guarantee durability, functionality, and comfort.
Friction machine for testing the adhesive force of the glass film
Product introduction line and production cycle - PLC Through reasonable and flexible production line layout, we have different production solutions for large orders and small orders to maximize production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure fast delivery.
Tokoyo precision meter tests the waviness of the glass
Tokoyo precision meter tests the waviness of the glass
Production planning and control process - OTD JYM has skilled workers, and each worker will undergo professional training to ensure that their operation is standardized and their movements are proficient. And each production line has a production director to inspect and supervise to ensure that each worker's production process meets the requirements.
Warehouse management-MRB
Reasonable warehouse management system MRB perfect management and implementation, almost perfect control of your brand product delivery
Stock & Delivery
Stock & Delivery
We prioritize efficient product delivery and maintain a well-stocked inventory. Our advanced logistics system ensures on-time delivery of EC mirrors in perfect condition, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.
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Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment
We are proud of our excellent quality of EC mirror/make up mirror manufacturer. For ensure the customers and consumers' rights, JYM EC mirror manufacturer promise: all products offered from our company have 3 years guaranteed for free and maintained all the time.<br> After sale, our service staff will inspect the product usage, guiding the correct method of use, and maintenance of EC mirror.
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