30+ Years of Rapid Growth
JYM didn’t got involved in EC mirror industry as early as those giants, yet it doesn’t affect the fact that JYM is catching up at a rapid speed.
JYM Founded

In May 1992, the predecessor of JYM Glass—Rongqi Jingjing glass manufacturing factory was founded.

JYM Factory

In 2005, we built up a new manufacture base covering 25,000 square meters in Daliang Wusha Industrial Park and upgraded all machines. We start gaining a reputation in the industry.

Enrichment line

In January 2007, a new continuous ITO vacuum coating line is established. We began manufacturing and customizing ITO coated glasses.

Optimization of production processes

In March 2013, our company was renamed as Guangdong JYM Glass Technology Co., Ltd and added an ITO glass production line for meeting the huge market demands.

Supply chain system

In October 2016, JYM Glass added an automatic horizontal aluminum plating mirror production line to improve the quality of lenses.

Management system

Since 2018, we have adopted a comprehensive group management system and established a lens division and electronic glass division.

Automation equipment input

Increased automated equipment to make EC mirror, leading to further productivity gains

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