So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
So… Define JYM?
Founded in 1992, Guangdong JYM Glass Technology Company Limited is a highly experienced manufacturer specializing in the production of glass and mirrors and a supplier providing glass processing services. Our primary products include applying film to glass substrate surfaces and then we offer complete glass processing services like cutting, edge grinding, bending, washing, film coating, etc. We provide customers with plane mirrors, curved mirrors, as well as all kinds of coating glasses and glass used for magnifying glasses, makeup mirrors, art glass, LCD monitors, transparent ITO glass for touch screens, rear view mirrors, and much more.
Our Certifications
Core Of JYM Culture: Believing Enables Seeing
Never stop pursuing for excellence
Never be satisfied with what we’ve achieved at the moment. Keeping the leading position in the market requires every member in our team giving his best shot. When there is a chance to be better, we have no reason to refuse to take the extra mile.
Get prepared for any challenge
Challenges abound for every day. We just can’t predict the challenges in life,what we need to do is to prepare mentally and emotionally. Whenever we are encountered with obstacles,get smart, break it down, and then take action.
Think up and do new things
We know there is no innovation and creativity without failure. Discovering new oceans requires not only a team of brave sailors,but also the courage to lose sight of the shore. Here in JYM, we value innovation and enjoy the process full of constructive conflicts.
Focus to see the future
No one can hit the target with his eyes closed. Whenever you want to achieve something,keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. Focus on our goals. Eventually what we stay focused on will grow.
Our Mission
Create A Platform For Our Talented Staff
JYM is a company that is willing to share and pay the price for our employee’s growth. Whenever there is opportunity for advanced learning, we will do it no matter the cost.
Add Value to Our Trusting Clients
Our client’s benefits outweigh everything.JYM always considers our client’s perspective, consistently works to improve satisfaction and builds long-term, trusting, meaningful client relationships.
Contribute to industry & society improvement
We work hard to make EC mirror industry better by everyday innovation. Our contribution spreads to more advanced manufacturing techniques, and more job opportunities.
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