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JYM also provides a strong OEM service that can build your brand. The extensive options on your customized EC mirror/make up mirror, our certified production facilities and the equipments and experience our team have, can set you apart from your target market. Count on our ensure state-of-the-art machinery and we can accomplish your order of EC mirror with a fast lead-time without compromising on quality.
Glass Cutting Service
Glass Cutting Service
JYM Glass is equipped with 19 cutter sets to satisfy production needs that require different processing techniques. Your glass and lenses will be cut into a variety of shapes, including round, rectangle, polygon, oval and more.
Glass Coating Service
The glass coating process is carried out in a vacuum environment and is the process whereby a single or multi-layer functional film is applied to one or two glass surfaces. According to different glass characteristics and different function requirements, we offer a diverse array of coating films, including reflective film, semi-reflective film, transparent film, enhanced transparent film, anti-reflective film, and colored glass film.
Glass Polishing and Edging Service
Glass Polishing and Edging Service
According to client provided drawings or detailed sample requirements, our design department will analyze and discuss options before beginning any glass project. We own and operate two Japanese glass edging production lines to perform the first cutting and edging steps on raw glass pieces. These lines are capable of processing glass with a thickness range of 0.2 to 4mm.
Make up mirror laser engraving services
LED cosmetic mirrors engrave any shape and pattern, and control touch quality
Glass Bending Cutting Service
Glass Bending Cutting Service
JYM produces high-magnification lenses and supports cutting with curved lenses
CNC microtome
JYM has been pursuing automated production, and delivering high-quality products is the growth milestone of the company's vitality
Large unloading machinery
Large unloading machinery
The assistance of machinery often improves production efficiency and product loss
Glass/Mirror ITO Service
Our film coating services are widely used in the production of cosmetic mirrors, reflective mirrors, crafted glass, LCD, touchscreen and specialty glass products.
Glass/Mirror Bending Service
Glass/Mirror Bending Service
In addition to the aforementioned glass processing services, JYM Glass also provides hot bending processing. Compared to flat surface glass products, glass walls and furniture with a curved surface offers an exclusive, innovative look. During the manufacturing process, the glass is heated and bent under high temperatures into the required shape, then cooled. All processing steps are done via computer control, ensuring an ultra-high accuracy.
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2000 certified factory
15-25 days
lead time
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How we work together
From inception to delivery, experienced engineers with your brand in mind work closely with you to find a product solution that meets your business needs
send your Design Now
Provide your concept for your product through our team. You can also provide the necessary specifications for your products, such as their dimensions and materials.
Get feedback
The design team will carefully review your design or specifications and make recommendations on how we can improve your concept.
Sample Designs
Customize the final design of your product to build a mold, and we ensure that the mold accurately captures your specifications.
Sample Prototype
Your product prototype is produced and delivered to you within 1 week. You get to see the real thing in person before we start mass production.
Prototype order
Feel free to order a small batch for testing purposes Test orders give you peace of mind that the factory is delivering your product in large quantities and that your entire order meets your standards.
Sign a contract
Signing a contract ensures that you can confirm the construction and quality of your custom tool before we begin production of your order.
Mass production
After signing your contract, we will produce your order within the expected time frame using our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
Logistics & Delivery
All finished products The EC mirror are assembled in custom packaging and arranged in cargo containers to ensure they arrive safely and on time.
send your Design Now
Sharing your burden
As a large-scale manufacturer of EC mirror, JYM has built a reasonable up and down industrial supply chain and utilized advanced equipment technology and controlled production capacity to share the cost and efficiency of your production.
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