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Indium tin oxide coated glass (ITO coated glass) is just one type of TCO conductive glass types. Our ITO coated glass is manufactured using an ultra-thin float glass as the substrate after glass has undergone cutting, edging, polishing, and washing processes. We use a magnetron sputtering technique to deposit silicon dioxide and indium tin oxide onto the ITO coated glass in a vacuum, high temperature environment. ITO coated glass features a simultaneous low resistance and high transmission making it ideal for use in LCD panels (TN, STN and HTN) and touch screen panels. The ITO coated glass for LCDs will be coated a silica barrier layer to effectively inhibit sodium ion diffusion and increase both quality and durability of ITO coated glass slides. The glass will be polished before ITO coating to obtain a more even display control.
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JYM ITO mirror Manufacturer
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Various types of EC mirror

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 One-stop Customization Service: 

      Customized service is available, from mold finish to complete products.

 ● Office Project Support: 

      From workspace plan to layout design, from products proposal to project delivery.

 ● Competitive Pricing: 

      Addressing our clients' need for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

 The ITO mirror coating process is carried out in a vacuum environment and is the process whereby a single or multi-layer functional film is applied to one or two glass surfaces. According to different glass characteristics and different function requirements, we offer a diverse array of coating films, including reflective film, semi-reflective film, transparent film, enhanced transparent film, anti-reflective film, and colored glass film.


 ● Plane Glass Production Line

      Providing OEM & ODM Services with over 20 years' R&D production experience.

 Glass Bending Tempering Line: 

      The glass bending tempering line can produce various glass products with a curvature of 1.1mm-1.8mm for making magnifying glass or rearview glass through cutting, hot bending, coating film and other processes.

 ● Upholstery Workshop: 

       Monthly capacity: 200000 pcs mirror

 ● Testing Lab

       Full compliance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards

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JYM Supports Your Products Projects
Design and Development
JYM offers impressive custom design options - based on your ideas and input, our R&D team is committed to creating a late buy efficient design that will benefit your end users
OEM Service Design
Get the best quality parts and materials for your tools from JYM for high quality manufacturing, and our OEM services can help you build your brand and grow your business.
EC mirror Manufacturing
JYM has many years of experience in EC mirror manufacturing - we have the perfect system for cost control, efficiency improvement, and quality control delivery in our factories
Quality Control
JYM believes in high quality products for long-term cooperation - we use various quality inspection processes during the production stage to ensure quality
Order Management
Customer service is the top priority of JYM, our project managers will keep our customers informed of the project progress regularly
Warranty and after-sales
JYM offers a 5-year warranty on all tooling solutions, because we believe that providing our customers with after-sales service provides longer and more stable cooperation.
Considerations for Choosing the Best EC mirror
Fully automated production
Product delivery
Strict full inspection
Automotive mirrors, makeup mirrors, LCD monitors, transparent ITO glass, rear view mirrors
Storage and Delivery
We utilize a professional packaging line for mirrors and ITO glass.
Inspection Equipment
full compliance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards
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JYM ITO mirror Manufacturer
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