curved mirror
curved mirror
curved mirror
curved mirror
curved mirror


  • Automotive mirrors offer a more extensive view with a smaller visual blind spot, improving vehicular safety.

  • The reflective coating of the automotive mirror is plated primarily with aluminum. This ensures a high reflectivity and an excellent image quality, even in low light environments.

  • The special filter coating helps reduce glare and enhances the contrast.

  • An LCD rearview mirror manufactured with an ITO coating is also available.

Parameters for Common Products (Customizable)

2mmφ128mm7 X rearview mirrorRearview mirror in truck
2mm102*168mm10 X rearview mirrorTruck front ground mirror
2mm4”*16”convex mirrorInterior Bus Mirror

Custom Specifications

  • We provide custom-made automotive mirrors to meet specific customer requirements, and are customized in regards to shape (round, rectangle, others) and surface treatments such as etching and printing. Different film materials are available to choose from, including Al, Ge, Si, SiO2, Ni2O5, ITO, Ag, Cu, and stainless steel.

  • Radius of Curvature:300R to 2000R

  • Thickness ≤2mm

  • Size: ≤250x360mm

  • Diameter ≤225mm

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